F4SI is a non-profit organization focused in Latin America and The Caribbean, but we are open to contribute with Government Institutions in other regions of the world.

Vision: to enable the Transformation and Modernization of Government Entities, Public and Private Healthcare Organizations and Education Institutions, through the use of Technology and Innovation.

Mission: Our primary objective is to strengthen government citizen services and health systems that promotes access to and rational use of quality, safe, and effective technologies that will benefit citizen’s lives, interaction and experiences with the governmental authorities.

  • Advise and collaborate on the development, implementation, and evaluation of technical cooperation programs in the areas organization and management of:
    • Health systems development, and health services
    • Government Services systems
    • Educational institutions K-12
    • Job inclusion of people with disability and vulnerable groups
  • Support the strengthening of institutional capabilities for the adequate performance of public institutions
  • Promote and support the establishment of policies, norms and standards for the design, organization and functional programming and operation of
    • Health systems, integrated health services networks including hospital and other health facilities and services, and public health infrastructure and services
    • Public Administration, integrated citizen services
  • Cooperate with international cooperation agencies, inter-governmental and Non-governmental organizations, private sector and other relevant stakeholders, in order to develop alliances and networks that promote access to quality services, particularly for those most in need



We have a presence in the following countries:


– Florida

– Houston

– Seattle

– Washington DC

Latin America:

– Sao Paulo, Brazil

– Belo Horizonte, Brazil

– Bogota, Colombia

– Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

– Panama, Panama

– Lima, Peru


We offer a series of services to the Public Administration at Federal, Regional and local levels, that covers:

– Government Modernization and Transformation

– Government Programs

– Citizen Services

– Public Safety

– Emergency

– Healthcare

– Education

– Sustainable Development

– Technology and skills training for Job Inclusion

Connecting citizens with government employees, information and connecting agencies together, assisting Governments to increase levels of high service, efficiency and accountability to their citizens, are the F4SI proposals for a greater impact on the better future of the citizens.